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Elma Čolak was one of GiriSoft’s designer earliest adopters and has worked full time on the platform for more than a decade. As a versatile graphic designer and stay-at-home mom, working online from her home office has given her the flexibility to raise and homeschool her four children—while still embracing her passions professionally. Over the years, Daylite Designs has built a steady roster of loyal clients, often taking on new work thanks to their referrals. While she doesn’t spend as much time on contests now, she credits those early years for giving her the freedom to experiment with different projects and styles to find her creative voice.

We spoke with Daylite Designs about how she manages her busy schedule, her tips for prioritizing family while keeping clients happy, and her advice for maintaining long-lasting working relationships through it all.

Name: Elma Čolak
design handle: Graphic Designs
Location: United States (US)
Specialty: Branding & Graphic Design



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