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Think about the number of images we see every day—on our Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines, on websites we visit, in the games and apps we use on our phones. Though billboards and print advertising prove that branding has always had a place in marketing, it’s undeniable that it now plays a much more important role, because of social media. If properly used, images can deepen a customer—or potential customer’s—attachment to your brand. 

Put more simply: you can view branding as an opportunity to visually communicate with your potential customer. Whether you’re modern or traditional, simple or complex, clean or edgy, show them who you are, why they should trust you and how—if they choose your product— it will make their lives simpler or better.

Think of your perfect customer: what is important to her? What does her day look like? If you can visualize that person and what they want, you can source better visuals that your audience will respond to. Understand and acknowledge your competitors and work to set yourself apart from them.

Though photographs are the most common brand images, many modern companies have developed their branding around illustration.

Build successful brand imagery and you will cultivate a loyal fan base that sees themselves in the brand. Once that happens, they will transcend being simply customers and will become ambassadors, championing your product in the outside world.

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